5 Videos of Cats Doing Funny Things Unexpected!


Cats seem to be more popular than ever before, and although it can be easy to forget why that is sometimes, the videos of cats doing funny things included in this post will make it very clear. Don’t believe me? Lets take a look…


1- Funny Cat Compilation
Ever seen a cat giving orders to its “owners”? watch the first 30 seconds of this video and you will see who “owns” who. The rest of the videos is hilarious as well, take a look at it here:


2- Cute cats doing funny things
Ever seen a kitty fall asleep second by second? If not, this is the clip for you (Cuteness Waning: after watching this, you may have not alternative but to adopt 1 or 2 kitties immediately):


3- Funny Cats Doing Awesome Stuff

Did you know cats have super powers? They can jump, climb, and most importantly, they can warm our hearts with their unstoppable cuteness. Take a look here:


4- Cats Doing Funny Things
Ever seen a cat eat watermelon or stand like a human being? Then this video is for all of you who haven’t yet, until today:


5- Epic Funny Cats Cats Compilation – 60 minutes!
If you are a hard core fan of funny cat videos, then this is the clip for you. 1 hour of uninterrupted feline awesomeness for you. Ready to get started, here is the clip:


Which one is your favorite clip? Please share your opinion in the comments box at the end of this page.

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