How to use Viral Cat Pictures to help Kitties Find new Homes



If you have used the Internet for more than 30 minutes in your life, you have probably realized cat pictures are VERY popular all around the web.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few ideas that may help cat lovers around the world to leverage the power of cat photos and social media to help kitties find new homes.


There is no doubt that Social Media is all about fun and connections, and in recent years, funny photos of cats have become a huge trend. But it is not necessarily new:

“There are a few constants not only on the Internet, but throughout modern culture — an interest in all things ‘cute.’ Starting in the 1870s with Harry Pointer and his carte de visite’s featuring cats with amusing captions, to our modern day incarnation of LOLcats, popular culture has taken interest in kittens, cats, babies, and puppies,”

Read more about cat´s popularity online here


But, what are the types of content that can help your message reach more people when you are trying to find a new home for a cat?

It turns out, simple ol´photos are the best way to go when you want to get more eyeballs on your idea. According to different studies, photos make up more than 90% of the most engaging content on Facebook. You can read more about it here

So, if the internet loves cats and photos; why not use the power of cute cats and social media to help happy felines find a home? That is exactly what we will do next:


Step 1: Take a Photo of a cat who needs a Home

The first step is to take a photo of a cat that needs to be adopted. Try to take a photo that showcases the personality of the cat (instead of a photo of the cat sleeping).

Although taking a photo of a cat doing something interesting can sometimes be challenging, it’s all a matter of patience, and waiting for the right shot will increase the chances of finding a home for that cat.


Here is an example of a good photo by @BlackCatRescue of a cat who needs a home:                        

Chip - A black cat who needs a home in Somerville MA

Photo by: Black Cat Rescue

Black Cat Rescue is a team of amazing people located in the Greater Boston Area. If you live in the area and have room for one kitty at home, please contact them here: http://twitter.com/blackcatrescue


Step 2: Edit the Photo to give the Cat a Voice and let people know he or she is looking for a home

Cats are beautiful and there is no doubt about it. That is one of the reasons why people love sharing photos of them online.

However, adding text to a photo can be a powerful way to convey a message that reaches more people along the way.

As shown by several studies, images are the type of content that generates the most engagement and interest from users of social media because they can be consumed much faster I when compared to text or video. Because it’s easier and faster to see 5 photos than it is to read five paragraphs or watch five videos.

So, why not use this tendency shown by “humans” to help kitties ids find a new home?

One tool that can make this process easier is an iPhone App called Pixacat. It is a photo editor specifically designed for cat lovers that allows users to add personalized captions to photos and to easily share them on Social Networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is a FREE App and you can download it here: Get Pixacat


Here is an example of a traditional photo of a cat who needs to be adopted:

Chip - A black cat who needs a home in Somerville MA

Photo by: Black Cat Rescue



…and here is an example of a photo with additional information related to the cat who needs a home:

 Chip - A black cat who needs a home in Somerville MA 2



Step 3: Ask People for Help (Include a call to action in the photo)

Another important thing to remember is to ask people to perform an action. Lets not forget that users are exposed to so much information nowadays, and making the decision process simpler for them is important in order to increase the probabilities of success. In other words, getting those kitties adopted.


Let’s look at an example,

Oliver - A black cat who needs a home in Somerville MA 1


In this photo, we can see that the kitty, is telling people to send a tweet to a specific user on Twitter if they want to adopt him.

And in case they don’t want to adopt him, the key is asking people to share the photo around with their friends so they can help him find a new home.

In simple terms, the users who see the picture and read the call to action will realize that if they want to, they can contact a specific twitter account to ask for more information, and in case they don’t want to adopt a cat right now, they can still help by Retweeting the photo (or by sharing it on Facebook or Instagram).

This approach empowers passive users who may not be currently interested in adopting a cat, but who may know someone who does.

You can make your own Photos using your iPhone (iPod, or IPad) using Pixacat, The Photo Editor for Cat Lovers. It is a FREE App and you can get it here: Download Pixacat for FREE


In summary, leveraging the power of viral images of cats is a great way to help them find a home. It is important to make it easy for people who want to get in touch so they can get more info and make it easy for people who want to help these kitties find a home.

If you found this article to be interesting or you know someone who may benefit from reading it, please share it by hitting the social buttons available below these lines. It’s easy, it only takes one click (you see what I did there? Remember, it’s all about a call to action). Thanks!




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