OMC! 1 Instagram Cheezburger TO GO: The First Photo App for Cat Lovers



Explaining what pixacat is- the photo editor for cat lovers 1Have you noticed how cats seem to be very popular online?

You probably have, they’re everywhere!

Well, now it’s the time for cat lovers around the world to take control of their cat´s online destiny, and this article will explain how Pixacat will help you make it happen.




What is Pixacat?

It is a photo editing iPhone App for Cat Lovers. Designed to make things easier for cat owners (or cat fans) who want to take, edit and share photos of their cats with friends online.




Here is a short video about it:



Why was this App designed?

In summary, because I wanted an app like this for myself.

“It all started when I was trying to take and edit photos of cats along with some friends to share them online. I ended up having to use a computer to perform simple edits that I knew could be done using a handheld device. I just kept thinking: There´s gotta be a better way! After not finding an app that did what I wanted to do (and testing several), I decided to create it”.

– Jose Lira.


In other words, Pixacat was designed to be a tool that empowers creativity and promotes social interaction using the love for cats as a vehicle for expression.



What can I do using this iPhone App?

New ways to use it are still being discovered by the amazing Cat Lovers who use it (it’s a tool for your imagination), and here are a few common uses:



-Make the eyes of your cat look bigger:

App to make eyes bigger BIG EYES photo 1




-Give your cat a voice online (Power to the Cats!)

You can translate what he or she is trying to say and add it as text…

photo of funny cat 2




-Add hats, glasses or facial hair on your cat photos without bothering them

(or having to buy a lot of stuff):

App to add hats on cats - text 1cats with hats and glasses




-Make photos to help cats who need to find a home:

Gwen - A black cat who needs a home in Somerville MA 2

Read more about how Pixacat is helping kitties here:

How to use Viral Cat Pictures to help Kitties Find New Homes



-Sharing your cat photos from your iPhone directly to

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (or via email too!)

share cat photos online - share cat photos on Facebook 1




Who can use this App?

It is designed for Cat Lovers. If you don’t love cats, don’t use it, you will not be able to install it (don´t even try).


Can I use the app to edit photos of humans?

It is possible, but it is not recommended. Humans are just not as cute as cats, no matter how hard they try (true story!).


Why Edit Cat Photos?

Cat Photos have reached that stage, it´s not just about sharing pics of your cat; it is about sharing a part of your life with the world and having tools that allow you to express and create what you want to share.


Where can I try Pixacat and how much is it?

It´s a free app, you can buy extras or use it for free forever. You can find it on the iTunes App Store over here:


app store


If you have a friend who loves cats, please let them know about Pixacat so they can reclaim their cat´s online destiny (just click on the social buttons available on the left of this article) and join the Cat Photo Revolution Today!




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