Top 10 Youtube Funny Cat Videos (in History!)


Although cats have been part of our lives for centuries, until now, we never had the chance to document and share their cuteness and awesomeness with the world with such ease and speed. The internet is quickly becoming a world archive of cat cuteness, and here is a list of the top 10 funny cat videos that have been watched the most on youtube over time. Ready to get started? Ready? Go!


1- Funny Cats in Water

This is a collection of felines who either seem to love or hate H2O. Although everyone knows that cats usually hate water, there are times when our furry friends just came seem to get enough of it (or the opposite, as shown in 1:02 of this video), take a look:



2- Very Angry Cat

Cats are usually very mellow and friendly, but this video show one that you may not want to pet as much as you usually do with other felines (seriously, don´t even get too close to the screen , ok?)



3- Funny Cats

This one is a classic, and the unexpected sound effects make it even better. Take a look, I dare you not to laugh (if you do end up laughing, share this post with your friends on Facebook so they get to laugh as well. You can do it easily using the social buttons available at the bottom of this page):



4- Supercats: Episode 1 — The Funniest Cat Video!

Ever seen a kitty fit in a wine glass and a cat so big you may not be able to carry it? Then watch this video and pay attention around 0:50, you will be amazed! (Warning: the soundtrack is so great, you may feel like taking a walk right after you watch the video):



5- Cat Man Do – Simon’s Cat

Ever heard of the uber famous “Simon’s Cat”? Then, you are going to love this classic. If you haven’t heard of him, it´s your lucky day. This is a great video to get started:



6- Stalking Cat

Did you know cats can teletransport 5 inches at a time? Don´t believe me? Here´s scientific proof:



7- Cat Talking, Translation

Have you ever wondered what is it that cats say to each other when they hang out? Today, you will get an answer. This video will shed some light on the mystery:



8- Keyboard Cat!

Ever seen a cat playing music? This is solid evidence of how intelligent these amazingly cute animals really are. We are doomed, cute and intelligent? No wonder they have taken control of the internet. What´s next? They will get all the bacon? Noooo…



9-  Funny Crazy Cats

This compilation of videos never fails to deliver. Want to win easy money today? Make a bet with a friend and dare him not to laugh at this vids. Easy money! Chi chiiing!



10- Probably the Funniest Cat Video You’ll Ever See

 Although this video has a slow start, it is well worth the wait. An instant epic classic:



So, which one of these videos is your favorite? Did you laugh or feel that “cuteness” take over? Then let you friend on Facebook know about this post so they can laugh or connect with their emotions as well. It´s easy, just click on one of the social buttons available below these lines.


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